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Discover the timeless elegance and luxury quality of Manoli Cashmere, your exclusive supplier of handcrafted cashmere shawls from Srinagar, Kashmir. For two decades, we have maintained close relationships with the most talented weavers in this region to bring you the best handcrafted cashmere shawls.

Our scarves are sold privately worldwide and are considered unsurpassed there and in business circles. Manoli Cashmere is proud to have put together an exclusive selection of these scarves for you. Each scarf is a masterpiece, made in close collaboration with the best weavers in Kashmir.

Cashmere scarves are not just accessories, but a symbol of tradition, craftsmanship and elegance. Our scarves are made from high quality cashmere wool that provides natural softness and warmth. They are perfect companions for every occasion and reflect the epitome of quality and style.

The history of cashmere wool goes back a long way and was discovered by European merchants in the 15th century. Cashmere scarves became sought-after luxury items among royalty and the upper classes. In the 18th century, production of cashmere shawls began in Europe and the famous paisley patterns were developed.

Today, cashmere scarves continue to be present in the fashion industry and are a symbol of elegance. Manoli Cashmere is pleased to offer you these unique scarves that embody the tradition and elegance of cashmere wool in every fiber.

Enrich your wardrobe with a touch of luxury and elegance. Choose Manoli Cashmere and experience the timeless style of our exclusive cashmere scarves.

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